Monday, March 21, 2011

Curiosity gets me.

I have been curious about this for some time now and for the life of can't seem to figure it out. People complain all the time that they can't make friends no matter what. The way I look at it, if you scowl at the world then the world will scowl at you. I have heard this saying before that to have a friend you need to be friendly to others around you then you will have friends. Sometimes I feel like i don't have any friends but then I look back at what has happened to me and who I have done things with in the past and know that I have friends.

What also makes me curious is the people who say they are Christians yet they do not show up for church or any church activities. I used to be that way a long time ago but realized that when I did not attend church (even before I became LDS) that when I did not attend church regularly that life was difficult and yucky most of the time. But when I did attend church and actually participate in worship and practiced what I was taught that my life was rosy.

I am curious at how the teenage mind work sometimes as well. For instance my son did not want to play Varsity Lacrosse and was quite happy to be on the JV team for another year. Now that they pulled him up to Varsity he was quite happy on Saturday, but come Sunday he had doubts as to whether he was good enough or experienced enough to be on Varsity. He wants to make a deal with the coaches. I told him obviously they feel you are good enough to be on Varsity so just do it. I think he is afraid that he won't play a lot or that he will get hurt again. I suggested he pray about it and let God give him the answer. We will have to see how it goes today after he talks with his coaches.

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  1. I can't imagine how you could have given any better advice. Your advice was encouraging and as adults we are being examples of how we solve our problems so that our youth have a model to emulate.