Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Again!

So Friday night we were at the Varsity Lacrosse game and it was not a pretty game. The referee's were making bad calls and the other team was playing dirty. There are certain rules that need to be followed in all sports and one of them in lacrosse is that you can't slash at someone or hit them in the legs. WELL.....My Shawn was going for a ground ball and the other team #17 slashed him in the legs and it sounded like a gun shot going off. He it Shawn in the leg with his stick and down he went screaming. I jumped off the bleachers and was on the field before you could say boo!
Now he has a broken leg where he was hit on the shin so hard that it broke in pieces.

Now you would think that if a child is screaming his head off that one would call 911 when asked if he could move and he replies no it's broken. I then told the trainer to call 911 and she continued to try to move Shawn. I again told her to call 911 and she asked you want me to call 911? I just looked at her and said "isn't that what I just said twice??" So off we go to the hospital again for another broken bone. Mind you he has already broken his shoulder, separated his shoulder and broken his two forearm bones in his right arm. He gets some drugs to make the pain more bearable, off we go to x-ray and all I can hear is Shawn screaming and crying while the technician is x-raying his leg. It was all I could do to not burst into the room and smack someone.

Back to the ER and his leg gets put in a splint and we are told to call an orthopedic Dr., well since we already have one it was a no brainer on whom to call. son in the mean time the Bishop shows up and one of Shawn's good friends who is doing all he can not to cry in front of Shawn. Darien considers Shawn a little brother, so I was not surprised to see him at the ER. We get Shawn a blessing and then the coaches show up to help us get him home.

On Saturday through out the day all the boys on the lacrosse team stop by to see how he is doing. I found out that one of the players got kicked out of the game for sticking up for Shawn and also from the next game as well. I can see why they call each other lax bros as they all look out for one another.

We got in to see Dr. Dreese on Monday and now he is in a cast from the bottom of his toes all the way up to his thigh. He will be in this type of cast for at least 3 months. We have to go back to Dr. Dreese on Monday to get more x-rays done to make sure the bones have not moved. If they have then that will require surgery and we do not want that to happen. We are thinking he needs to have a bone density test to see if he is missing something since this is his third break in 1 1/2 years.

Please keep Shawn in your prayers that he does not have to have surgery and he can continue to play sports.


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I knew he was injured but hearing your version of the story is just horrific! Poor Shawn, he must be in so much pain! Did the player who injured him get kicked off the team? I hope he has to cover Shawn's medical expenses.

  2. No he did not get kicked off the team nor did he receive any form of penalty for the illegal hit. No he is not covering any of Shawn's medical expenses.

  3. I agree with Belle, those were my exact thoughts in fact. I will keep in in my prayers.